Features Interlude GVE

Our team setup a Unique Good vs Evil Server of the golden age of Interlude chronicle in 2019! We have create the best PvP zones for players to have fun and enjoy our Project ! After 8 year of experiece we can keep this server stable and with out corruption! We try to bring a new area at pvp servers and we want your support on that! The First Clan at Sieges who conquest Aden Castle, will take 500 dollars cash (paypal or Bank). It is one of the biggest rewards at this Lineage world and it is Real ! So take your friends and hunt the price! What i must know about the Good vs Evil before play 1)All the Players Start 80 LvL (Dont need to LeveL up your character) 2) This Lineage World have only 2 Sides! You need to choose if you want to go with "Goods" or with the "Evils" and you fight each other at PvP Zones! 3)You don't have to farm mobs to earn adena but you kill enemy players and win adena at your inventory!


* Start up Player System Instant LvL 80
* Choose For What Faction You Love To Fight [Good - Evil]
* Choose Third Class And Win A Grade Armor - Jewels - Weapon +12
* Prepare You Character Scheme Buff Or Choose Auto Buff
* PrePare Your Character Equipment From GM Shop
* Teleport To Start The PvP at A Grade PvP Zone With Max Enchant Limit Up to +6
* Killing spree systems
* Full GM shop.
* Free class change and Subclass
* All NPCs available in town.
* Custom Items Balanced.


* PvP Rewards with Adena wich Player Can use to make Progress Ingame!!
* Server Run With 5 PvP Zones.New Map Registered Automatically On Gatekeeper Every 30 minutes.
* Players get reward according to damage done on enemies when they die & extra reward for assist. * Players have chances to receive random enchant on their armor/jewels/weapons after a pvp kill in pvp zone & A grade zone up to +16.


Normal Scroll chance 95% find them from PvP/Event/Vote rewards
Blessed Scroll chance 100% find them from PvP/Event/Vote rewards
Crystall Scroll chance 50% find them from PvP/Event/Vote rewards

* Safe enchant With Normal - Blessed +3
* Max enchant With Normal-Blessed +20
* Max Enchant With Crystal Scrolls +25
* If You Brake With Crystal Scrolls It Going -1

LifeStones Rates

* Mid Grade Lifestone 5%
* High Grade Lifestone 10%
* Top Grade Lifestone 15%

Olympiad - Sieges

Sieges Will take Place Every Week
The Olympiad is Ongoing Every Month.
Meaning if you become a Hero you will have your hero status for 1 month.

Raidbosses Respawn

* Ant Queen : Every 24 Hours.
* Orfen : Every 24 Hours.
* Core : Every 24 Hours.
* Zaken : Every 24 Hours.
* Baium : Every 24 Hours.
* Antharas : Every 24 Hours.
* Valakas : Every 24 Hours.


* Create And Level Up Your Clan From LvL 1-8 Free[Donation Manager]
* Only same faction can be invited to clan or alliance.
* Clans can declare war against clans of opposite faction.

Voice Commands

.boss : To See Informations About The reaspawn Of Epic Bosses.
.withdraw : To Make 1 Gold Bar 100 Adenas.
.deposit : To Make 100 Adenas one Gold Bar.
.online : To Check How Much Players Is Online On Lineage 2 NeverLand Server.
.buff : Block Any buffs From Party or Out Party Members.
.warin - .warout : To Register On War Event When announcement Will Take Place.
.pvp : To Check the Score of PvP Event.
.menu : There You Can Find Many UseFull Options For Your Character.
.vote : To Purchace your Personal Vote Reward.
.siege : Participate And check Anything About Sieges.
.stat : Target a Player And Inspect Some Basic Statistics Of This Player.
.map : Check the Score Between Factions on Current Map.
Alt+b : Find Many Commands There.

More Features

* On every map You Will find Map Artifact.Every player have on his active skills one skill Called "Engrave The Map Ruler",You Can use this to Capture the Artifact and Win For you and your Faction Double Rewards From PvP.
* On Siege Zones And On Olympiad Stadiums Players Can Hit Player for Same Faction.We Created With That Way Because We Believe On Siege Zones People Act Like Clan And No Like Faction,And on Olympiad Zone we Believe that All Players Make Matches For Personal Honor
* Cancellation - Mass Warrior - Mass Mage Bane - Warrior Bane & Mage Bane Remove Your Buffs For 3 Seconds.After 3 Seconds All The Removed Buffs Will Be Return Back.
* Auto Cp/Mp/Healing Potions with Ctrl + Left Click or Normal Use With Left Click or by Pressing F1-F12
* Personal Vote & Team Vote System With Special Rewards.
* Subclass Manager : One Npc To add Any Subclass You Want.
* Augment Shop : Buy Augments Level 5 With Vote Coins. * Skill Manager : One Npc For All Races To Enchant Your Skills With Giants Book.
* Announcement Informations For : A Real Hero When he Login On Server,For Castle Owner When He Login On Server,For Raidbosses When They Spawned and When a Player Kill The Raidboss.
* Also Announcements For : Best PvP Player,Best Death Player And For The Best KDR Player in L2NeverLand Server.
* Symbol Maker/Warehouse/Gatekeeper and Buffer Dont Ruin Your Adenas.
* Server Running With 2 Main Towns For The Two Teams and One Team Cant Enter The Main Town Of Other Team,but All Other Towns is Free For All and Running In Peace Zone Mode for All.
* Unique Quake pvp system.

Buffs slots

48 Buff Slots +4 Debuff Slots.

Mini Events

PvP Of The Hour Event Take Place Every Hour For The Voted PvP Zone.The Player Who Win This Event Receives Special Gifts Automatically.

War Event : Is one Costum Event Created By L2NeverLand Team.In This Event Players Push enemy Side To Kill One Crystal.
When The Attacker Of Crystal Enter Or Hit The Crystal Guards Will Start Hunting Them.Event Finish When One Team Kill The Enemy Crystal 10 Times.
Winning Team Receive Special Rewards!

Weekend Events

Every Weekend Our Gm Team will Start Random Hours Many Events Like :
1vs1,3vs3,5vs5,9vs9,Russian Roulette,Seek And Hide,Who Is The Faster,Hide Item and many others!